Rick Genie Powell FamilySally Run and I go way back. 20+ years to be exact. When I was 10 years old, I was lucky enough to become part of the Powell family. My mom (Genie Powell) married my now dad (Rick Powell) and they, along with me and Rick’s 2 boys, became one-big-happy family! At the time, Rick’s dad, aka Big Daddy, owned and lived in Sally Run. Back when our parents were dating, their “date nights” would consist of hanging out at Sally Run with me and my now brothers running around like wild animals. Very romantic! Sally Run was also our go-to spot whenever Rick’s brother, Ken, and his family came to Americus to visit. Some of my best childhood memories were made there. During the holidays, we would sit around the massive fireplace in the family room, summer days were spent hanging out in our treehouse, and rainy days were spent roller blading in the basement…because hey, it was the 90’s. I even learned how to drive on Sally Run’s 150 acres.

Jump forward 20 years, and Sally Run is still incredibly near and dear to my heart. After our beloved Big Daddy passed away and the house was empty, my mom came up with the brilliant plan to turn Sally Run into an event venue for other families and loved ones to enjoy. I was lucky enough to be a part of one such event last winter. My lifelong friend, Ansley Evans, chose Sally Run for her wedding weekend. She herself had grown up with the property; she was like part of our family. Many of the memories I mentioned earlier include her, and celebrating her wedding at Sally Run was so incredibly special to us all.

Sally Run also played a small part in my wedding. My bridesmaids threw my now husband and I an engagement party there. It was the perfect fall evening – friends and family from near and far, football on the big screen in the family room (a must for any southern, fall party), and a fire going in the fire pit outside.

Whatever the occasion, Sally Run is the perfect space to celebrate, she has been a symbol of love from the very beginning!

Written By: Hanna Richards
January 8, 2018